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Marchio capezzani

Philosophy and Background

Capezzani brand revisits the symbolism of the Picenes, the first people to populate the Marches back in the 1st millenium. An independent, hard-working civilization, with a strong ritual component. The Picenes, people from far away, perfectly settled in this area. We still draw inspiration from their choice, as our homeland is the essence of our sense of identity.

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"...get excited to thrill"

Gabriele Capezzani

"There is a driving force stronger than steam, electricity and atomic energy: the will."

Albert Einstein


Gabriele Capezzani was born in the countryside of Morrovale (Marche_Italy) on 15 May 1950.
Thanks to his family upbringing, from an early age he developed great sensitivity to human values. During his early adolescence and against the advice of his parents, he stopped studying to go and work in the footwear industry.
He was still very young but was already determined to carry out his project and in 1976 at the age of 26 he set up a company with two friends. But Gabriele had a fervent desire fully to express his own personality and creativity and a strong desire to aspire to a more ambitious project. In 1978, therefore, he founded a sole proprietorship with the help of a single worker: his mother Ida.
The product that the young company aspired to was a "real product", inspired by and derived from nature, worked using the techniques and secrets of the shoemakers of the country, such as the particular dye used in those days, known as "the devil's dye". Gabriele knew, however, that in order to reflect this boundless love for nature in his own products he would have to use techniques that respected nature herself. And so it was that he developed a particular leather colouring with safe products that would do justice to the colours of the Marche region from which Gabriele took his inspiration (a region in which one can move from the mountains to the sea: from the Sibillini mountains to the Adriatic coast, passing through medieval villages steeped in history).
But it was in 1968, during the class struggles claiming workers' rights that Gabriele showed that he had not forgotten the teachings of his family and that adolescent dream of a type of work that would be sensitive to human rights by participating actively in support of the right to work. For Gabriele, work should provide every human with the opportunity for personal development - as was happening to him - and not enslavement to a system that crushes the worker and reduces him to a mere link in the production chain by effacing the nature of the individual and his self-esteem. So two commitments gradually formed: to create a product that was inspired by and respected nature and to create a company on a human scale, in which the personal characteristics of the individual are valued and where the watchwords are collaboration and respect. All this for Gabriele could not be just work - indeed it became an authentic philosophy of life, a modus operandi in every area of his life: in work, in food, in relationships with others within the setting his family life.
Now that the new generations have joined the Capezzani Company and are making a major contribution, it can be clearly seen that the influence and teachings imparted by Gabriele are still powerful and are still the basis for aspiring to the creation of products that can excite the consumer just as nature does through its beauty. Perhaps this is the mission of Gabriele's whole life: to be excited to excite.

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Philosophy of life and business values

Capezzani is above all a business rooted in the Marche region, with a fundamental link to the history of the territory. This is especially so today when local values are being lost in globalization: the intention is to safeguard these roots, to recover the values of the craft tradition and make them live again them through the creation of high-quality footwear. The company has always based its values on quality, on the craftsmanship of the product and on a constant search for beauty. These values are central to the philosophy of the company's business management, especially in its relationship with its employees. In fact all our work is teamwork, the work of highly qualified people who work closely together day by day and whose cultural background and technical skills enrich the process in all phases of the production chain. In our group, the watchword is perhaps cooperation: exchange of words and actions. This work is supported by very, very few machines which are there merely to facilitate the work of humans but never to replace it. We are people and we believe that this is the basic requirement for creating good products that meet the needs of other people.

foto filosofia e origini orlatura

Our history

Like other small businesses in the Marche region, the company's origins date back to 1976, a period when many itinerant artisan activities become sedentary. At that time, the Capezzani family also set up its workshop, laying the groundwork for what would become within a few years a brilliant fashion footwear industry. Over the years, the company entered into contact with the leading fashion brands in Italy and throughout the world, and started to produce quality footwear for them. It was in this period that it consolidated its experience and developed its expertise of craftsmanship synonymous with guarantee and quality - which today, together with the essential contribution of the new family generations, have enabled the company to launch its own brand -Capezzani-.