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Vicolo del centro storico Montecosaro



"Among the most beautiful villages in Italy"

Our products take the shape of the outline of the territory of our town, Montecosaro, one of the most beautiful in Italy where the rhythms of life become the music of nature and the warm tones create a relaxing atmosphere for mankind in any epoch.

"... We would like to take you to small shops, weaving mills, laboratories beyond the spotlight, where small but great masterpieces are born. We would like to show you the work of the hands of craftsmen. Hands that know the sequence of actions by heart, always the same and yet always different: they cut and sew, they embroider and weave textures, they sculpt and shape. They are the custodians of the wonderful intelligence of making, a deep heritage that belongs to us to be protected, defended and disseminated".

I sassi del Monteconero

<< If you throw something into the sea, the sea (after an unspecified and,indefinable time) returns it to youmworked, finished, honed, polished or opaque depending on the material, and also wet because that way the colours are more vibrant. Obviously it doesn't return it to you immediately so you do not have to stand there waiting for it, and it doesn't return it to you in the place where you were when you threw it.(…) The sea works (not in everything) like a true craftsman, in the sense that it does not have a fixed timetable for the job, it decides its own timescale and only works when it feels that that it is time to act. In fact you cannot ask the sea to produce a series of stones all smoothed in the same way (...). No, the sea will never do this.The sea only produces unique and unrepeatable pieces, like works of art. No one has ever found two, I mean two identical pieces, produced by this capricious craftsman. Craftsmen, you know, have to be accepted just as they are... >>

Munari, The Sea as a Craftsman

Abbazia S.Maria a pie di chienti Montecosaro
Montecosaro innevata
Vicolo del centro storico Montecosaro